I see a lot of blogs and YouTube channels and articles about how people went from having a mundane life to a job they love and now they’re telling you how to do it.

Ah yes, lifestyle bloggers. Pinterest boards, Instagram fame, Podcast hosts.

I admit I read, listen and watch content like all the time because I do find it inspirational, but I don’t really find anything I can relate to. I think part of the draw is that I’m hoping that I’ll feel like the person on the other side is just like me.

Yeah, these people started on my level and have made it to their dream jobs and sometimes they give me the kick in the pants I need to improve or to reach higher. But they’re doing it by trying to sell me shit I don’t need and trying to make all of us believe they’ve figured it out for us. Nah, they’ve figured it out for them. And that’s great. But they can’t get on our level because they’re not anymore.

Here’s the thing. There’s not a popular spot on the internet where you see an “influencer” slugging away at something for a long time, just being a “normal person”. And writing about it so that people can relate and find some sort of comfort in knowing they’re not alone in the world because they’re not the ultimate version of themselves. 

They try.

“Hey, I’m over here just sitting on my couch in my housecoat trying to write my book and finish the final edits before I take my trip to Ibiza on Monday.”

You just don’t see it your friend Brittany’s sister out there filming a video about how she went to work and ate a lunch she brought and how she felt about her day and what inspiration she found out there for herself.

You know why? It’s not glamorous.

But you know what? It doesn’t need to be.

I’m not writing this to show you how I’m doing something awesome or to help you make a decision or to inspire you to get where I am.

I’m writing this because I am where you are. We are the same. We’re both working at jobs, probably for other people.

We both grocery shop weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, and if we can’t get our acts together, every day for a little something.

We both try to stay active but get busy or tired so it doesn’t happen as much as it should.

We drink coffee in the morning and fall asleep on the couch in the afternoons on occasion.

We have a million unfinished projects and are probably pretty unorganized in some areas of our life.

I see you. I can’t support you or teach you because I’m busy over here supporting and teaching myself.

But I can write about it and throw it out there in your general direction in case it helps you to know someone is here with you, on your level.

I didn’t bring my lunch to work, and I felt pretty good about my day. It was normal. But I can still do something good with that fact.


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